Kirill Kto is a cult figure in Moscow's street art subculture, and has contributed to it not only through his diverse artistic practice, but also as one of the few theorists and curators of street art. Lebedev was involved in street art as part of the Zachem? collective (2002-2009) and No Future Forever collective (2005-2009). He co-organised Pasha 183's posthumous solo show Our Work is a Feat! at Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2014); initiated and oversaw the first street art prize in Russia, Street Contribution (2013); and co-curated the Wall project at Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art (2010–2013). Lives and works in Moscow.
No Idea. No Idea Again.
acrylic on canvas, mixed media, 90x50 cm
37 Samurai, 138 Parrots
acrylic on canvas, 100x50 cm
Thank You For Attention And Your Attempt Of Comprehension
acrylic on canvas, mixed media, 100x50 cm
Would You Dare To Throw It Away When You Suddenly (At Last) Get Bored Of It
acrylic on canvas, mixed media, 100x50 cm
Pros And Cons Of Making This Work
acrylic on canvas,100x160 cm
Instead Of A Long Preamble, I'll Say Like It Is. No. I Won't Say. The Time Hasn't Come
acrylic on canvas, mixed media, 100x50 cm
The Sad Puts A Mask Of The Fun, Hoping That The Mask Will Stick To It
acrylic on canvas, 150x200 cm
Someone (Kto) Is Also Sometimes No one
acrylic on canvas, 100х70 cm
Perhaps, This Work (Like Many Others) Was Made In Order To Be Distracted And Not To Do The Rest (What Is Really Necessary)
acrylic on canvas, 90x50 cm
- No
- Why Not?
-Without Any Reasons, Just No
acrylic on canvas, 80x40 cm
Steadfast Gaze At This Work May Lead Nowhere
acrylic on canvas, 120х110 см
  1. Doesn't Help Breast-Enlarging
  2. Doesn't Restore Sexual Vigor
  3. Doesn't Attract Followers
  4. Doesn't Contain GMO, Systemic Poisons, Carcinogenic Agents and Mutagenic Substances
  5. There's A Sense, But It is Tired and Sleeps
acrylic on canvas, mixed media, 80x40 cm
I Won't
acrylic on canvas, 120x90 cm
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Selected solo exhibitions
2020 Attempt To Compensate. Syntax Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2019 I didn't Recognize You Either (with Valery Chtak). Syntax Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2018 Compatibilities. Triangle Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2017 Kooky Engineer… (with Tatiana Budyak). Triangle Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2016 Don't Go Out, Don't Go In For Anything. Vladey Space, Moscow, Russia Nothing Like That. Triangle Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2014 Kirill Kto. Voronezh Center of Contemporary Art, Voronezh, Russia
Everything 1)will be fine 2)doesn't matter 3)will go without me. XL Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2011 Sacred Empty Spaces. Green Art Gallery, Perm, Russia
2010 Many Lettez. Protvor Exhibition Hall, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2009 No Name, No Shame, No Fame. Paperworks Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Selected group exhibitions
2018 New Gaiety. Triangle Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2016 Across Borders/Through Limitations. Museum of Street Art, Saint Petersburg, Russia 2015 11, Garage CCC, Moscow, Russia
2013 Zero Gravity. Worker and Collective Farmer Museum, Moscow, Russia
2012 Scene. Open Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2009 Russian Lettrism. Central House of Artist, Moscow