All is clear to All

11.03 – 03.04.2023
Without Saying a Word

The incomplete and fragmented nature of the image in contemporary art was identified a long time ago. Furthermore, postmodernist concepts have eliminated the very unambiguity of physical reality that could be interpreted as a text. The mechanisms of the contemporary hermeneutic methodology allow for expanding the interpretation of the event and response to it until the two are ultimately divorced from each other, with the media's tactics turning news reports into Orwellian Newspeak.

Could it be possible to speak out about the actual state of affairs if the language akin to an old piano, has slipped out of tune under the pressure of time, ideology, and collective neurosis? And where can we find the point of critical analysis for the current state of human language and the symbolic language of art?

Both systems seem to go numb as soon as verification mode is on. Any declaration is treated as a thought crime. Silence does not indicate consent. Silence is an alternative mode of communication in a crippled relationship system. Ideal Slogan (1972) created by the founders of Sots Art Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid manifested for their generation the mechanisms of power that in a voluntaristic manner encoded ideologically significant areas of expression. Nowadays, too, the default codes work to restore the truth, because 'A rose is a rose is a rose'.

Aleksandra Obukhova
Kirill Kto is a cult figure in Moscow's street art subculture, and has contributed to it not only through his diverse artistic practice, but also as one of the few theorists and curators of street art. Lebedev was involved in street art as part of the Zachem? collective (2002-2009) and No Future Forever collective (2005-2009). He co-organised Pasha 183's posthumous solo show Our Work is a Feat! at Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2014); initiated and oversaw the first street art prize in Russia, Street Contribution (2013); and co-curated the Wall project at Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art (2010–2013). Lives and works in Moscow.