Valery Chtak (b. 1981) has developed his significant black and white painting style, an artistic language that he continues to explore to this day in the late 90s. Around the same time Chtak and friends attended an informal contemporary art school founded by Avdey Ter-Oganyan. Between 2000 and 2005 Chtak was part of the Radek Community – an artist association committed to staging cutting-edge performances.
What do you want from me? (Italian)
acrylic on canvas, 25x30 cm
acrylic on canvas, 30x40 cm
How Much Does It Cost?(Dutch)
How Many Bicycles Will Fit In Here? (Russian)
acrylic on canvas, 200x150 cm
Say Corkscrew
acrylic on canvas, 25x30 cm
Psychedelic Music
acrylic on canvas, 80х60 cm
Prefixes-Suffixes Manipulations
acrylic on canvas, 30х40 cm
Period of P., Period Of D.
*p.- prosperity, d. - decline
acrylic on canvas, 50x60 cm
acrylic on canvas, 25x30 cm
Invisible Hand
acrylic on canvas, 70x100 cm
Sorry, I didn't Understand Anything (Georgian)
acrylic on canvas, 197х210 cm
acrylic on canvas, 80х60 cm
acrylic on cardboard, 60х50 cm
acrylic on canvas, 30x40 cm
acrylic on canvas, 112x218 cm
acrylic on canvas, 162х235 cm
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Selected solo exhibitions
2020 It Could be Much Worse. Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, Russia
2019 The Museum of the Same Thing. Syntax Gallery, Moscow, Russia
I didn't Recognize You Either (with Kirill Kto). Cube, Moscow, Russia
2018 Two (with Kirill Kriuchkov). Zarya CCA , Vladivostok, Russia; Triangle Gallery, Moscow, Russia
British Celebrities. SAAS Gallery, London, Great Britain
Joffe vs Chtak, Vice Versa ( with Alisa Joffe). Triangle Gallery, Moscow, Russia
What If She Wants to Lie Down? Centerpoint, Basel, Switzerland
Long Live A, Vladey Space, Moscow, Russia
2017 Conquest of Bread. CUB Gallery, Riga, Latvia
The Story Of How Nobody Understood Anything. Museum of Moscow City, Moscow, Russia
2016 If It's My Way – There's No Way. MMOMA, Moscow, Russia
Crab Inside. Zarya CCA, Vladivostok, Russia
C – Alphabet. Triangle Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2015 Technically, It's Very Simple. Triangle Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Darkness, Obscurity and Gloom. Centre Red, Moscow, Russia
Worshood. CUB Gallery, Riga, Latvia
Buongiorno Stranieri. Triangle Gallery, Moscow, Russia
No News. Triangle Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2014 Don't Come Close. Palto Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2013 This is not a Nightmare. Red October Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2012 Author Unknown. Mironova Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2011 Only the Truth. Paperworks Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2010 Chtak Runs in Circles. Paperworks Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Painting is a Dead Language. Orel Art UK, London, UK
2009 Bob Hated Everybody. Globe Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Say 'Shibboleth'. Paperworks Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Anarchisme.Hassidisme.Agnosticisme. Orel Art Gallery, Paris, France
Selected group exhibitions
2018 Art of the 2000s. New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2017 Elikuka Friends. Vladey Space, Moscow, Russia
2016 Unofficial Language Only. Parallel program of the 5 Moscow Biennale of Young Art, Winzavod CCA, Moscow, Russia
Art Up. Art In Festival, MMoMA, Moscow, Russia
2015 Generation U. Osnova Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Laughter in the Gallery. Parallel Program of the 5th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
The Pierre Brochet Puzzle. Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, Russia
ArtBat Fest, Almaty, Kazakhstan
2014 Not Museum. Parallel program of the Manifesta 10, Saint Petersburg, Russia
In Search of Horizon. LDZ, Riga, Latvia
2013 Heavy Metal.Parallel program of the 5 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Winzavod CCA, Moscow, Russia
2012 Apocalypse and Resurrection in the Chocolate House. Kyiv, Ukraine
Futurologia. School of Architecture, Nantes, France
2011 Russian Cosmos. Castello di Rivoli, Turin, Italy
Crisis of Disorder. Paperworks Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2010 The Diary of a Madman. Regina Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2009 Rendez-Vous '09. MAC, Lyon, France
Russian Lettrism. Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia
2008 Invasion/Evasion. Red October, Moscow, Russia
The Young, Aggressive. Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan
2007 Ars Erotica, Ars Politica, Ars Theoretica. Prometeo Gallery, Milan, Italy
Moscoupolis. Espace Louis Vuitton, Paris, France
On Geekdom. Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece
Artist's Diary. Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia
2006 Russia Redux#2. Sidney Mishkin Gallery, Baruch College, NY City University, New York, USA
Formalite. La Generale, Paris, France
2005 Portrait of a Face. Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation, Moscow
Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, Russia

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