22.12.2021 – 25.01.2022
Syntax Gallery is pleased to present LOOP by Natasha Struchkova that introduces a new series of raster graphic images placed in antique frames by the artist.
'Traditionally, old mirrors are thought to retain the reflections of everything they have "seen" in their lifetime.
I supplement antique frames with images that can be considered online archaeological artefacts – animated gifs. The images have been created using volumetric lenticular printing that conveys animation. The imagery from the early Internet era would often portray something undeniably recognisable and natural – a starry sky, rain, or fire – displayed in a loop, an endless animation, a moment that lasts forever.
I wanted to feel this nonlinear interconnection between the times – an old frame, a GIF from the 90s, the ultra-modern lenticular printing technique, and the natural elements immortalised for eternity with the help of the loop function.'
Natasha Struchkova "Loop"
Natasha Struchkova (b. 1968) graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture in 1993 and became one of the first Russian web designers. Her first creative projects in the late 90's were connected with the development of information technology, including the Internet and virtual reality programming languages.