Syntax Gallery at Blazar 2021
Syntax Gallery is participating in the Blazar art fair, which will be held at the Museum of Moscow, 2 Zubovsky Boulevard on 8–12 September.

This year, Syntax Gallery is joining the blazar young contemporary art fair, the satellite of the 9th edition of the Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair. Syntax Gallery will introduce a selection of works by emerging artists from Belarus (Andrey Anro, Vasilisa Palianina) and Russia (Lidia Zhudro, Ivan Simonov ) who have been exhibiting in Russia and abroad and whose works have already been acquired into national and overseas museum collections.

The works that will be featured at the fair were made in various techniques, ranging from painting to graphics to collage to cut aluminium to variations of mixed media. This extensive palette of art media unites the artists in their common goal of rethinking traditional forms of expression, as well as in finding the most appropriate, situational way of addressing pressing issues and deficiencies of our time.
Andrey Anro
Basic tools are painting, photography, digital collage, installation. Anro explores topics such as collective memory, historical heritage, politics, dictatorship, religion, disappearance and death. Member of the art group "Who Except Us". The artist's works are in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow (MOCAK), in the ART4 Museum in Moscow, in private collections in Sweden, Bulgaria, Canada, Russia, and the USA.
Lidia Zhudro
Russian artist, born in 1991 in Moscow. Most of author's works explore the phenomenon of comprehension development and getting on to the new knowledge. She interested in alternative ways of receiving and transmitting the information, for example, through a body, movements and gestures, reflections on the issue of "blank spots", riddles, paradoxes, and ambiguities, occurring in the processes of thinking and communication. The artist's projects both at the stage of making and at the stage of exhibiting are based on the performative approach and are implemented through various practices and documentation of actions.
Vasilisa Palianina
Vasilisa Palianina (b. 1986) works with themes of sexual and gender identity, explores philosophical anthropology and contemporary politics through the optics of mythology. The theme of politics in the artist's works appeared not so long ago, as a reaction to the events of the modern history of Belarus.
The main technique of Vasilisa's work is graphics, however, the artist implements her projects in various modern media - installations, performances, video, embroidery, etc.
Ivan Simonov
Ivan Simonov (b. 1991) works at the intersection of photography, collage and text. He initially started his artistic practice in the streets by playing with the context and juxtaposing reality and fiction. The main theme of his oeuvre is examination of the modern world and humankind through focusing on individual objects and characters encountered in everyday life.