VGLAZ Artist Collective
Glamorous Underground

27.09 – 06.11.2023
We are pleased to present a new project by VGLAZ Artist Collective, an autonomous art community that features more than 20 contemporary artists as members or collaborators.

The initiative, independent of any commercial or institutional influence, was first conceived in 2010, when artists Gosha Ostretsov, Georgy Litichevsky, Liudmila Konstantinova, the EliKuka group and the PG art group took up residence in the studios at the empty communal houses in Lebyazhy Lane, around the corner from the Kremlin. Soon, Sergey Pakhomov, Vikenti Nilin, Daria Krotova, Irina Korina, Olga Bozhko, Olya Kroitor, Dmitry Bulnygin, Natasha Struchkova, Kristina Yatkovskaya, Petr Bystrov, Roman Savchenko, Dmitry Kavka and many others joined the community.

The theme for the upcoming exhibition was proposed by the curator Gosha Ostretsov. Glamorous Underground is a playful make-believe oxymoron on account of the venue (the basement floor of a five-star hotel, once again only steps away from the Kremlin) on one hand, and the role that art still (or already?) plays in the inexplicable landscape of contemporary life, on the other.