Make Light
of It /

13.11 – 17.12.2019
"The death of the thinking spirit becomes a truly creative act — an act that transforms the icy deserts of interworld spaces, immersed in darkness into rotating masses of hot, light, warm solar worlds — systems that become cradles of a new life, a new heyday of a thinking spirit, immortal as matter itself…"

E. Ilyenkov "Cosmology of the Spirit"

In this project, the author refers to the contradiction of banality and the impossibility of accepting death in society, where the concepts of "death" and, "disease" as a forebear are taboo for members of society and are not applicable to creatures around. In such a situation, each person is forced to make existential decisions and conclusions, to guide himself, almost alone. Getting into such a situation and, being put before this choice, and more often – concerning someone else, the protagonist is likely doomed not to comprehend, not to accept and not to ultimately reach the understanding, decisions and actions required at that time. Which, in turns, distorts and, most likely, traumatises him. As a result of this experience, everyone chooses how to perceive and what to do with the appeared emotional and mental baggage on his own. The author chooses his own approach for understanding and living through this experience.

Artist and photographer, graduated from Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in 2011 and Geographical department MSU in 1999 in Moscow. Since 2016 Mandych has been a professor in the Contemporary Art course at the British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow School of Contemporary Art) in Moscow. Lives and works in Moscow.