Hampered by Void
26.07 - 04.09.2019
In the new series of sculptures artist Dmitry Bulnygin induces an unexpected meeting of different worlds by mixing their components: furniture and peel, decorative elements and lead, tableware and plastic. The result is a syncretic product of nature and industry.

The objects register various growth stages of rampantly multiplying matter. A substance with distinctive texture made from organic materials plays the role of a dangerous element, a threat of invasion. It is as if it could absorb all familiar space of an individual: climb their chairs, put on their shoes, gobble up styrofoam pieces scattered about. One can no longer tell abundance from waste products, manufactured goods – from random rubbish.
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One could see evidence of a global catastrophe in this, if not for the irony expressed by the cartoonish mocking aesthetics of the sculptures. Duality of perception underlies the works: they are simultaneously hallucinatory and believable, anxious and calm, dynamic and static. The void, consciously and unconsciously looking for its shell, eventually finds it in these sculptures. But most likely this is not the end result, but only temporarily recreated matrix architecture.

Louise Morin

Dmitry Bulnygin (b. 1965) graduated from the Novosibirsk Architectural Institute in 1990, founded the International Extra Short Film Festival (ESF) in 2000, was a member of the Blue Noses art group in 1999-2004. Since 2013 Bulnygin has been creating video installations using video mapping technology, whereas 2016 saw the start of work on a series of sculptures. Currently lives and works in Moscow.