Gems of Dissent

18.11 – 19.12.2022
SYNTAX GALLERY is pleased to present a new solo exhibition by Gosha Ostretsov – Jewels of Dissent. The project displays a wide range of concepts based on the author's interaction with art from different historical periods. The very title hints at the exclusive status of the artist, who inhabits a separate world and speaks a unique language of his own. For over two decades, Gosha Ostretsov has been visualising an imaginary world and translating it into modern-viewer-friendly images. The show will be hosted in the large hall of the Cube.Moscow space.
Gosha Ostretsov «Gems of Dissent»
Ostretsov (b. 1967) manages to preserve the provocative ambiguity of his whole project and to remain in an invulnerable position of independent social criticism, invariably quick witted and precise. The large canvases and installations are executed in the aesthetics of comics, mixed, as it were, with the accidental intrusion of the street, which spoils the totalitarian message with its colorful blotches and dirt. Ostertsov splatters bright colored graffiti across the picture plane creating his own style suggestive of techno folk art. His images of the destruction of capitalists and greedy authoritarian systems of control suggest a redistribution of energy and power. The artist doesn't treat Fascism, Stalinism or Capitalism, as implicit 'enemies' but regards any system of government that seeks to progressively tailor society as such. The power of his images lies in his universal message and mission.