06.03 – 05.04.2020
The most complex notions can often be described using a single word, otherwise they may not be worth explaining at all. In his Juxtaposition series the artist reveals his personal coordinate system and values through his laconic use of words and imagery. It is at the intersection of the former and the latter that the new meaning is born, which is the ultimate goal of the artist, his statement. The artist adopts his signature technique of photographing objects picked out from the environment. Widely understood and, at times, blatant images intertwine with the artist's inner world and acquire unexpected definitions that can serve as a catalyst for the interpretation of each individual's feelings and emotions as well as a key to the artist's perception and his attitude towards his current reality.

Ivan Simonov works at the intersection of photography, collage and text. He initially started his artistic practice in the streets by playing with the context and juxtaposing reality and fiction. The main theme of his oeuvre is examination of the modern world and humankind through focusing on individual objects and characters encountered in everyday life.