Distracted Observation

15.12 – 05.03.2021
The show features paintings and works on paper, whose characters observe and study unknown objects and unfamiliar life forms. Observation takes place at different levels – both through scientific knowledge and research and through sensory experience. The way I see it, amicable coexistence cannot be divorced from sensory experience. Some works look like documentation or sketches of experiments in which the researcher and the object of study subtly switch places, and the researcher becomes the object.
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Distracted Observation is an attempt at examining the man's interaction with the unknown, his proximity to the non-human, and whether this coexistence can be amicable or even symbiotic. The attempt to reduce the distance between the viewer or observer and the objects of their study is an important aspect of the show. Therefore, in addition to paintings and works on paper, the exhibition space features installations and single objects for direct interaction.

Slava Nesterov was born in 1989 in Perm, lives and works in Moscow. He studied Contemporary theory of human capital at Perm State University, and received degrees from ICA, Moscow and British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow. The subjects of his works range from the relationship between materiality and information flows, to economics, to technology. They can bring forth archaeology that causes the invention of new myths. All of the projects are very object-oriented. Complex connections that may be challenging to pin down and trace are an attempt to consider the contemporary reality with all its chaos and odds in a nonlinear, multilayered manner. The artist creates installations, sculptures, works on paper and digital art.

The main themes of his oeuvre are a deconstruction of myths and work with post-history, the ruins of which become the breeding grounds for a new world.

Slava Nesterov uses such visual materials as installation, sculpture, graphics and digital art. His works cover relationship between materiality, economics and technology: how economics and technology shape the physical and non-physical reality. One of the main principles of his work is mythogenesis, mysticism and post-history interpretation, on the wreckage of which new forms of life are born.